Rave Crew Radio is a worldwide, 24/7, diverse radio station with a high focus on the underground and festival scene. From Bass Music, Hip-Hop, Chill-out and Soul to Drum n Bass, Tekno, Break-Core, Ragga-Tek ,Old-School… and many more, plus… all all off your favourite bands, artists and DJs.

Tune in and zone out to all the best loved, nostalgic, new, old and all time greats. All supplied by our RCR resident DJ’s

We are non-corporate and uncensored, we love the free-party rave community. squat parties, teknivals, festivals sweaty club nights and naughty raves in the woods. Rave Crew Radio has seen it all. We know
you want heavy bass lines and hard kicks as well as more soulful and upbeat vibes during the day. maybe you’re in the office at work or picking the kids up, maybe you’re at the tail end of a 3 day roll-through….. just tune in and turn up the volume.

We are quite possibly the only radio station on the planet playing such a vast diverse and eclectic spectrum off music. We play the newest and oldest releases, unsigned artists .up and coming hosts, radio personalities and the best in-house talent. we’re not all just about the rave but definitely all about the ravers and anyone that knows how to have a good old party.

Join the rave crew radio community. Lock in and vibe out to our constantly evolving and finely crafted playlists, live shows and mixes. we play literally anything we like and every thing you love. We offer a platform for, DJs, producers, bands and artists of all kinds and genres so get involved get inspired and get in touch on YouTube, Facebook or contact us directly 
Rave crew radio